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Energy Flexible Buildings
International Energy Agency's Annex 67

15.3. - 17.3.2017, Freiburg, Germany

The International Energy Agency's (IEA) Energy in Buildings and Community (EBC) Programme focuses on research toward near-zero energy and carbon emission in the building domain. The EBC Annex 67 Energy Flexible Buildings is an ongoing project (2014 - 2019) that aims at demonstrating how energy flexibility in buildings can provide generating capacity for energy grids as well as potential solutions for flexibility management. 
ELSA consortium partner UTRCI has joined the Annex 67 to share experiences from the work done in ELSA Task 1.4: Analysis of demo sites flexibility capabilities. Apart from the 4th Energy Flexible Buildings expert meeting, which will be held in Freiburg on the 15th to 17th of March, UTRCI will also join the corresponding workshop on "Energy Flexibility", which will be held in parallel to the ISH trade fair.
For more information on the EBC Annex 67 Energy Flexible Buildings, please visit: