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1st Working group on Data Management
H2020 Smart Grids and Storage projects cooperation

25.09.2015, Brussels, Belgium
The first meeting of the Working Group on Data Management from the coopertion between Horizon 2020 Smart Grids and Storage projects was held on the 25th of September 2015 in Brussels.
Besides representatives from the European Commission, participants from the H2020 Smart Grids and Storage projects (ELSA, FLEXICIENCY, ENERGISE, P2P_Smart Test, STORY, UPGRID, EMPOWER, RealValue) attended the meeting and briefly presented their exected contribution to the three areas of collaboration, i.e. Communication Infrastructure, Cyber Security and Data Management.
ELSA will mainly contribute to the topics Communication Infrastructure and Data Management.
Expectedly, ELSA wil benefit from the collaboration with the other projects in the Working Group by sharing experience regarding the topics named. Further, the objective of the Working Group to give recommendations and suggestions at the end of the project period on how to improve the policy making process and on how to design an appropriate regulatory framework.