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ELSA at the Bridge Workshop on Customer Engagement

08.09. -09.09.15, Brussels, Belgium
On September 8 and 9, about 20 participants, representing smart grid and storage projects (LCE6 – LCE10) within Horizon2020, joined the Bridge Workshop on Customer Engagement in Brussels with the objective to plan the overall cooperation and joint efforts in this area between H2020 projects.
Participants of the LCE6 – LCE10 H2020 projects representing the scientific community, the industry and  the civil society as well as EU officers, , joined efforts to plan for future cooperation and to generate knowledge from the results of their projects. Ludwig Karg, B.A.U.M. Consult, attended the meeting on behalf of ELSA.
Besides ELSA, the following projects within H2020 were represented: FLEXMETER, NOBELGRID, RealValue, Flex4Grid, FLEXICIENCY, ANYPLACE, P2PSmarTEst, SmarterEMC2, TILOS, NAIADES, STORY, UPGRID and EMPOWER.
As a first success of this Bridge Workshop, the working group decided on creating a white book and a policy brief on the topic of how to involve target groups, e.g. consumers and customers, into the development processes of the projects. And, since every project (representative) agreed on contributing, ELSA will provide a terminology chapter and the chapter, on "How to trigger behavioural changes”.