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ELSA at the EIP-SCC General Assembly

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities is Europe´s key initiative to foster the roll-out of smart city innovation at large scale. More than 500 people came together to attend and participate in the EIP-SCC General Assembly, which was held in Eindhoven on the 24th of May 2016.
Eric Portales (Bouygues), project coordinator of the ELSA project, presented the project during the Break-out Session "Positive Energy Blocks". The session dealt with the challenges connected to the PEB initiative's goal to build 100 Positive Energy Blocks by 2020, implementing nature-based solutions where possible. E. Portales contributed to this session with a presentation titled "Renewable energy storage in buildings, local production, consumption and storage - using second-hand batteries from electric vehicles: the ELSA project (Horizon 2020).
The event enabled an active exchange of knowledge and ideas with experts from various areas as well as city representatives interested in the topic of storage.
For more information on the event and access to the event documentations, please visit the EIP-SCC website.