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CISBAT is a conference on energy efficiency in small to urban application taking place between 7th and 9th of September 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. ELSA fits the topics of the conference with both the reusing of batteries and the flexibility provided by the battery and the district.  A conference presentation on the problems of bringing theoretical work to practice in building flexibility was held by Gerrit Bode (RWTH Aachen), which received good feedback. ELSA topics were of interest to both researches and attending civil servants. 

The presentation was related to a recently published article "Identification and utilization of flexibility in non-residential buildings" by Gerrit Bode, Sascha Behrendt, Johannes Fütterera and Dirk Müller. Find here more information on the paper published in Energy Procedia.

Find here more information on the CISBAT conference.