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ELSA Final Event in Vienna

After three years and nine months of joint work, ELSA will finish by the end of 2018. At European Utility Week in Vienna, the ELSA partners gathered with sectoral experts to present the project’s main results, findings and learnings. The event "The ELSA Solution: Integrated Storage Applications Based on 2nd Life Batteries" was held on Wednesday, 7th November. Keynotes featured project coordinator Servan Lacire, EASE Vice President Michael Lippert as well as Renault’s EV Battery Business Director Amaury Galliez. The three very fruitful panel discussions focussed on the topics of integrated storage applications, 2nd life batteries and regulation on battery services & 2nd use of batteries.
Participants of the panels were:
Find the complete agenda here.
Keynote presentations:
Impressions from the ELSA final event:
Servan Lacire (Bouygues) moderated the event
Michael Lippert (EASE) giving his keynote
Presenting the ELSA Energy Management System
Participants of the ELSA final event
Amaury Galliez (Renault), Ludwig Karg (B.A.U.M. Consult) and Gunnar Braun (VKU)
during the panel discussion on 2nd life batteries

Joe McDonald (Limejump) engaging in the discussion
ELSA final event at European Utility Week
Emanuele Ciapessoni (RSE), Andrej Gubina (STORY project) and Mihai Paun (CRE)
during the panel discussion on regulation